‘Million Dollar Arm’ details search for Indian prospects

Published on Variety. June 3rd, 2014

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA – Exiting the theater after viewing “Million Dollar Arm,” MAS had a strange urge to break out in song — in this case, “It’s a Small World,” the melody they play on the Disneyland kiddie ride of the same name.


‘Million Dollar Arm’ Is Nothing Short of a Home Run

Published on Variety. June 2nd, 2014

Since the debut of its trailer in December 2013, Million Dollar Arm, produced by Walt Disney Studios, has shaken the world of cinema by its roots, speeding its way onto our television screens like a scuffed baseball launched at a blazing 95 miles an hour.


The Aftermath of Disney’s ‘Million Dollar Arm’

Published on Variety. May 16th, 2014

The Disney film, about the search for an Indian baseball star through a reality TV show, is based on a true story. So what happened to the contest after the first season?